Product Page

Product Page

Your products are the goods, digital downloads, services, and gift cards that you sell. You add a product in Shopify by entering the product details and uploading the product images. If your product has options, such as size or color, then you can add a variant for each combination of options.

You view, add, update, and organize all of your products and variants from the Products ↗ (opens in a new tab) page in the Shopify admin. You can read more common information about products in official documentaiton ↗ (opens in a new tab).


Each product has a template associated with it (by default it is Default)Default. You can also create your owncreate your own or assign product to any of the special templates from our themespecial templates from our theme.

Templates are a collection of sections that are configured to give your online store a consistent look and feel.


Our theme has about 150 preset sections (widgets) and about 20 constructor sections with which you can create your own preset sections and use them again. That is, the template can be unrecognizably versatile from store to store.

Main product section

This section is the main one, so we will pay special attention to it here. The section consists of the left side of the media and the right side of the sortable blocks.

In this section